Five strong TALENT Cycling team ready for 2021


In 2021 we will see an almost completely new team at TALENT Cycling. An old acquaintance and four new acquisitions will wear the kit of the TALENT Elabo Development U17 Team in 2021.

Zoe van Velzen has had a great first year at TALENT Cycling. Among other things, she was the best freshman newcomer in the Watersley Ladies Challenge.
In addition, there are four newcomers to the U17 team. TALENT Cycling trainer Stefan van Klink: “Fien Winters comes over from WV Noordwesthoek, she will be a sophomore like Zoë”, van Klink knows. “Jade Wuurman drove for Alcmaria Victrix, Jasmine van Hellemondt comes from ARTV The Eagle. Deirdre Mens swaps the kit of LRTV Swift for that of TALENT Cycling.”
“It’s a motivated group of riders who all want to go for cycling. Next year will not be about winning as much as possible, but gradual physical development, knowledge broadening and cooperation. Victories are a nice by-product of that, but the long term comes first.”

Talent Cycling U17 team for 2021

Zoe van Velzen
Fien Winters
Jade Wuurman
Jasmine van Hellemondt
Deirdre Man