Henrietta Colborne hopes for good results in 2021 at Biehler Krush Pro Cycling


The Brit Henrietta Colborne will be part of the Biehler Krush Pro Cycling team next season, just like in 2020.

“I hope to be able to race again next season!” She says. “I want to be consistent without injuries or illness and get good results in the races I run. And also performing in the team for my teammates. ”

“I’m going to prepare well in the winter. This is how I want to improve my tactical and physical skills, which will help my teammates and myself during matches.

“I want to perform in the team for my teammates.”

The team’s guidance is good at trying out new tactics in smaller races, which helps us develop as riders. The good evaluation process after training and races helps us with this.
In 2021 I want to continue to make physical and tactical progress. And of course winning races and helping my teammates win. My ultimate goal is to win a World Tour Race. ”