Isabel Martín protagonist of the day’s breakaway in Durango

Isabel Martín protagonist of the day’s breakaway in Durango

The Clásica UCI Durango-Durango Memorial Juan Mari Balier was held this Tuesday with a spectacular lineup of participants. The UCI Rio Miera-Cantabria Deporte team has been seen in this important test and managed to be one of the outstanding teams through Isabel Martín who starred in the escape of the day.

The strong heat above 30ºC hardened a race with 113 kilometres and a route with a lot of mountains and few moments of respite. In the first part there were small attacks that did not come to fruition. However, after the halfway point of the test, Isabel Martín jumped with Sheila Gutiérrez to look for a escape from afar. At first they understood each other and were taking a good advantage over their rivals. As the stage progressed and she entered the final part of it, Sheila attacked Isa and went solo. A few kilometres later she was also neutralised by the pack of favourites. After a great deal of wear, Isabel moved to more rear positions. In the final kilometres, the peloton was cutting. The best classified of the team was Susana Pérez, Top 50, and 7th Spanish at the finish line.

Roberto San Emeterio, the team’s Sports Director, ended “very happy with the attitude we have had at all times. With a lot of effort we got Isabel to get into the good getaway. We have enjoyed those kilometres a lot and we already knew that the final part was very hard”. In addition, he added that “removing Andrea, who was his first UCI test and he was unable to finish due to some problems, the rest of the team has managed to finish the test and thus gain experience in this type of important races. We keep adding and working”.

During the first three weekends of June, the remaining three tests of the Spanish Cup will be played. Until then, the runners will compete in different local and regional events, such as the Cantabria CRI Regional Championships in Treceño on May 29, to refine their set-up for these important events.

We congratulate our cyclist María Filgueiras who has been proclaimed Galician regional champion CRI in the cadet category.


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