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Jess and Tiffany at Australian road nationals

We launch our 2020 road season this weekend with Tiffany Cromwell and Jessica Pratt at the Australian national road championships.

Cromwell and Pratt will race for the green and gold national champion jersey on Sunday 12 January in Buninyong, Victoria, and Tiffany is looking forward to the uncommon occurrence of having a teammate in the peloton.

“It will be great having Jess in the race with me as a teammate. The last few years it’s been pretty lonely out there being the sole representative of the team. Having Jess will mean we can play a little bit more with the tactics. We’re still only two, but it means we can share the workload of dealing with the other’s tactics. We will have to be smart, but Jess has already shown she’s a strong rider. So I’m looking forward to racing with her and having some fun together to try put pressure on the others and try get one of us on the top step of the podium,” said Tiffany.

“I’m going into nationals relaxed but motivated. I feel like my form has been building well and I have had good sensations during the team training camp in Malaga and continued that since returning to Australia. Initially with my coach we didn’t set the race as a high priority to have strong form, but as I’m getting closer I feel I’m ahead of where I thought I would be,” added Tiffany.

Pratt, the 2019 CANYON//SRAM Zwift Academy winner, will have her first race in her new team colours at the national championships, and can’t hold back her excitement.

“I am very excited for my first race in CANYON//SRAM colours. It has been a busy few months, but after the Zwift academy finals I’ve had time to knuckle down on some good hard training over the Christmas period. It has been very warm in Brisbane which has allowed some heat training for a potentially very warm national championships,” said Jess.

“Tiff is full of knowledge and experience, so I am looking forward to learning from not only her, but my other teammates in 2020. This will be my fourth time racing the nationals road race around Mt Buninyong. It’s an unpredictable course, but a course that I enjoy. It has a mixture of everything, so I am excited to see what my legs have on the day.”



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