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Jolanda makes it six!

On Sunday, Jolanda Neff renewed her title as Swiss XC Champion

In Switzerland over the weekend, some of the world’s best lined up to compete for the Swiss national XC champion title. As TFR’s Jolanda Neff sprinted into the first lap, she was not only attempting to renew her status as Swiss champion for the sixth time, she was testing her body after a very serious crash earlier this year.

Lap after lap, Jolanda increased her lead and when she sped across the finish line with a comfortable gap to claim her sixth Swiss title, she smiled in triumph and relief that everything was back on track.

“I’m super super happy with my race. I was already on my own after half a lap. I had a gap of 10 seconds, and it went up about 20 seconds every lap. At the finish line, I had a 2:30 gap,” Jolanda said.

“Most of all I’m just super happy that I am 100% healthy. I have zero pain, I felt good on the bike. I didn’t know exactly how my body would react and this week it was really amazing. I was back to riding my race rhythm. It means a lot to me to be able to race again and to be able to come back like this and to win the championship.”


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