Keep on smiling, a smile can make miracles happen

Marjolein van 't Geloof

I always try to be a positive influence on my teammates, which in this team is not hard, with such a joyful bunch around me.

So, now that we are all safe at home, all over Europe, I created a list of ‘Positivity Tips’ to get my teammates through these hard times and I would like to share them with you:-

Tip 1: Think in possibilities

Don’t think about the races that you should have been riding at the moment, or the event that you have been working towards that got cancelled. Think about all the things you are able to do. You can ride your bike when you want to, and if you don’t want to, it doesn’t matter. It’s all ok. You can work on the things that have been your weaknesses, like core stability or diet maybe. And you get the chance to stop and take a moment to appreciate the great moments of the past years instead of looking forward all of the time. Enjoy the little things. 

Tip 2: Keep setting goals

Lots of people have lost their goals for the upcoming year. How can you stay motivated? Keep making goals, but with no timeline. You can for example, try to increase your FTP with a few watts, get a few more kg on the bars when you squat or maybe loose the last few pounds that were still there at the beginning of the season.

Tip 3: Stay strong

I am not talking about physical strength here. Mental strength is the most important component in any sport. If you don’t have the mental capacity to push your body to the limit you won’t be able to perform. You can use this time of peace to work on your mental health. Try a mental health book or try to figure out what went wrong in the past, and what needs to change. That way you can get stronger without physically having to train.

Tip 4: Make people happy

A famous Dutch singer once sang “Give the people joy, then you really will be happy” (Andre Hazes-Kleine Jongen). When happy people surround you, they will make you happy as well. Help the ones around you and they will return the favour.

Tip 5: Keep smiling

The most important tip of all. When you keep doing the things that you love and when you keep laughing, this period doesn’t have to have the negative effect that it could have. So, if you catch yourself with a grumpy face thinking about your troubles, smile. A smile can make miracles happen.

I hope everyone stays healthy and happy!