Léa Curinier : “I tried to position myself as well as possible”


On the line

Lea Curinier

“Longest stage of the Giro today with a distance of 161km including the fictitious part. It was a very fast race. Arrived in the ascent of the first bump, SD Worx and Trek sent two girls to the front. I tried to hang on and managed to switch with the lead group. Behind the teams controlled, we then understood that it would be a sprint finish. I tried to position myself as well as possible in front of the peloton to go and try to sprint with a 17th place in the end. Everyone finishes on time and there are still 4 stages to perform!”

The debrief

Franck Rénimel (Sporting Director): “The race was very fast. It was even beyond the organisation’s forecasts. We end with an average of 42 km/h over an atypical distance of 155 km. We had targeted the most difficult part after kilometre 60. We then had to be in front because of the multiple repeating bumps which were quite painful and not obvious. Two girls went on a breakaway, from Trek and SD Worx teams. They were caught up, the whole final was very flat which favoured a massive sprint. Unfortunately, we lost Lucie before, and we couldn’t prepare for the sprint for her. There remained Léa, Greta and Pauline in the first peloton. They did what they could with at the finish a 17th place for Léa!”