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Léa Curinier: “Races that plunge us into the deep end”

Léa Curinier appreciates the events in Belgium. After the Samyn and Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne, she will be at the start of À Travers la Flandre tomorrow.


Lea Curinier:“I resumed the season at the Grand Prix Samyn, and as in this competition, À Travers la Flandre will be an event embellished with cobblestones and bergs. I discovered this type of racing at the start of the 2021 season, and I immediately liked it. These are suitable for riders who practice cyclo-cross during the winter. I feel comfortable on the cobblestones, and the bergs are difficult. These are invigorating efforts to be produced on each climb, a bit like in cyclo-cross. You must always be in a good position to switch correctly, otherwise, it is “save yourself”. These races also allow us to be immersed in the deep end. The fact that there is also a mix in terms of organisation with the same day a race for women and men, allows us to benefit from the same facilities as the boys, but also a broadcast of our competition on television. It is certainly rewarding and a good promotion in favour of women’s cycling ”.


Franck Renimel, sports director: “ À Travers la Flandre is a continuation of those races we rode previously in Belgium. Our goal will be to complete this month-long cycle in Flanders. We will try to be present, and if we place a girl among the first 10-15 it will be satisfactory because the level is supposed to be high. Sandra and Pauline will compete in À Travers la Flandre, they are climbers and will be at these races for the first time. Another option will be engaged in a way, but our ambition is to do as well as in previous races  ”.

Our team composition for Across Flanders
Pauline Allin, Charlotte Becker (Germany), Léa Curinier, Amandine Fouquenet, Marie-Morgane Le Deunff, Sandra Levenez.

Sporting director:   Franck RenimelArkéa Pro Cycling Team


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