Litelok reimagines the D-Lock, made with Barronium™


LITELOK is launching a range of lightweight D-locks that are armoured with Barronium™: a new composite technology, which offers unparalleled resistance to angle grinders.

With bike and motorcycle theft at an all-time high, award-winning British lock manufacturer LITELOK continues to set the industry standard with ever more sophisticated bicycle and motorcycle anti-theft locks. The next generation LITELOK X range offers unparalleled security, without the extra weight. Fully armoured with patent-pending, anti-angle grinder technology, LITELOK X is up to 15 times more secure, yet lighter than the best-performing D-locks already on the market. What’s more, they contain impressive design features including rattle-free mounts, retro-reflective coating and easy attachment.

“I’m incredibly excited to have reimagined the popular D-lock format with innovative design features and our own technology Barronium™, which provides the ultimate in anti-angle grinder resistance. The range was put through extensive tests, breaking discs and grinders in the process. It’s light, secure and incredibly strong. I believe it’s a gamechanger and unlike anything else on the market.

“The market-leading D-locks rattle, are heavy to carry and can all be cut with an angle-grinder in under 40 seconds. We set out to define the Armoured D-lock category to address these issues and ensure LITELOK X is the next generation of bike security.”

Professor Neil Barron, Litelok found & CEO

Over the last five years, Neil has been supported by Innovate UK and some of the world’s leading material scientists to develop Barronium™; a brand-new composite armour that is fused to a hardened fine-grain high-tensile steel core and covered with a soft plant-based eco-rubber outer layer to provide an unprecedented three layers of protection. The LITELOK X range is a new category of armoured locks that offers bicycles, e-bikes and motorcycles unparalleled
resistance against angle grinders, which have increasingly become the tool of choice for thieves. LITELOK X is a truly ground-breaking development for the industry and for riders.

Litelok X1

LITELOK X: market leading D-lock security

All LITELOK X D-locks contain three levels of protection, but it’s the layer of Barronium™ that makes them unique. Barronium™ is a patent pending composite material that resists angle grinder attack by turning the grinder’s energy and force on itself. Layers of Barronium™ are permanently fused to the lock’s core in a
specific geometry. Attempts to attack it with an angle grinder wear down multiple grinder discs, batteries and, ultimately, the grinder motor itself.

The three layers of protection consist of:

  • A hardened fine-grain high-tensile steel core to provide inner strength against multiple tool attacks such as bolt croppers, cable cutters, long bars, hammers, chisels and more.
  • LITELOK’s patented anti-grinder armour Barronium™ that is permanently fused to this core and designed to wear down-angle grinder discs.
  • A soft plant-based eco-rubber outer layer that doesn’t damage bike frames but provides additional cut resistance.

• Secure: the LITELOK X range has passed Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond, Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond and ART4 insurance-rated standards. It also meets the ‘Police Preferred Specification’ of Secured by Design (SBD), providing the best available deterrent for cyclists and motorcyclists looking to secure bicycles, e-bikes, motorcycles and scooters. Additionally, for the X3 LITELOK has sought out the ABLOY® SENTRY lock cylinder; the most pick-proof locking mechanism available and the only example fitted to a bicycle or motorcycle lock.
• Retro-reflective day and night: all LITELOK X locks feature retro-reflective strips for additional safety, so you can be seen to be secure.
• Rattle free: say goodbye to that irritating D-lock rattle with LITELOK X’s unique integrated rattle-free design.
• Easy to carry: our unique, universal Twist + Go mount fits any bike style, firmly holding LITELOK X locks on the bumpiest of roads while remaining quick to both affix and remove. In addition, LITELOK has collaborated with another Great British brand, Restrap, to create a co-branded lock holster for LITELOK X.
• Made in Britain: every LITELOK is proudly built in the UK.
LITELOK X will be available to purchase from 29th September through, Amazon and selected retailers across the UK and EU

Litelok X1 & X3


Price: £149.99
Security: 5X more secure than the current best-selling, best-performing D-locks
Weight: 1.7kg / 3.7lb
Internal dimensions: 101 x 196mm
Lock: ART4 accredited cylinder
Mount: Twist + Go mount included &
Restrap lock holster available
LITELOK X1 – the world’s lightest, most practical and convenient angle grinder-resistant bike lock

Price: £279.99
Security: 15X more secure than the current best-selling, best-performing D-locks
Weight: 1.9kg / 4.0lb
Internal dimensions: 99 x 194mm
Lock: ABLOY® SENTRY (most pick-proof cylinder
Mount: Twist + Go mount included &
Restrap lock holster available
LITELOK X3 – the world’s most angle grinder resistant and pick-proof bike lock

LITELOK X1 will be available to purchase from 29th September at LITELOK X3 will be available in November 2022