Lucie Jounier : “My teammates did a lot of work all day”


On the line

Lucie Jounier

“It was the second very flat stage which implied a sprint finish! The instructions were to protect me throughout the race and to help me get back on my feet. The girls did a big job all day. They helped me a lot on the last lap. Unfortunately I found myself alone quite early, as I approached the last 5 kilometres. To replace myself, I blasted a few cartridges while catching the wind. I had to fill a hole after a turn, while narrowly avoiding the fall. For once I didn’t fall, so it’s a good day! (smile). On arrival I was not well placed so I am obviously disappointed! I wanted to do better to thank the work of the whole team! That’s how we learn and I hope that in the next races we will be in the last kilometre and that the result will be even more convincing!”

Franck Renimel (Sports-director)

Flat stage, no difference in height, conducive to a massive finish! The 3 breakaways started at the start of the race were reviewed on the final circuit. The outcome was therefore a massive sprint with the centrepiece for the Arkéa team: Lucie Jounier. Well placed on the course, it was finally a little overwhelmed in the last 5 kilometres and ended up a little far in order to tackle the sprint in the best possible conditions to find a second place. As a result, she finished in 16th place. We were undoubtedly capable of better but it is by repeating this kind of sprint that we will take good automatisms for the next races whose outcome will be a massive finish!”