Lucinda Brand back on the bike but not ready to race yet


Former world cyclocross champion Lucinda Brand, 34, is on a gradual return to form after suffering a shoulder injury that required surgical intervention at the Simac Ladies Tour. Brand revealed through social media that she has been steadily working to regain her mobility and overall fitness. She expressed that although she can’t train for as long as she would like, she’s making steady progress. Brand stated that her priority now is to completely heal her shoulder before committing to a racing schedule.

Brand had previously disclosed that she underwent surgery a month ago to address an injury to the ligaments surrounding her shoulder and collarbone. The injury affected the acromioclavicular (AC) joint, a vital part of her shoulder’s mechanics. She suffered the injury during the penultimate stage of the Simac Ladies Tour on September 9th.

Following up four weeks after her surgery, Brand noted that she had commenced physiotherapy to regain her shoulder’s lost mobility. She also detailed her cautious steps back into training, starting with short indoor sessions before attempting to ride outdoors again. She humorously described her initial outdoor ride as akin to an “old scared grandma,” but added that each successive ride has been an improvement.

While Brand is unable to give a definitive timeline for her return to competition, she emphasised that her immediate focus is the full recovery of her shoulder capabilities. Once that milestone is reached, a racing plan will be formulated. For now, Brand acknowledged that watching from the sidelines will be a challenging experience, but her eyes are firmly set on making a race-ready comeback.

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