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Marie Schreiber joins SD Worx for 3 years

Marie Schreiber

The Luxembourger Marie Schreiber has been announced as an SD Worx rider for the next 3 years. The 19-year-old was spotted on the team’s training camp photos initially with the team confirming the transfer today. As part of the move, Schreiber will continue to race in her current Tormans Cyclo Cross Team colours until the end of the cyclocross season in February.

The Luxembourger has got off to a number of impressive race starts during the 2022/23 cyclocross season, attracting the attention of many fans and pundits who have earmarked her as potentially a future star in the discipline. It’s not just the starts however, she finished 2nd in Loenhout at the Azencross and also 5th in the World Cup event in Dublin and 6th in the World Cup event at Val di Sole in the snow.

“Marie Schreiber has indicated to us that she also wants to make the switch to the road. Experience shows that good cyclo-cross riders usually also do well on the road. Where her potential lies, we will find out in the coming season. Given her physique, at first glance she looks like a climber. In the Ardennes block and races in the second tier, we want to cautiously see which races suit her best.

Besides Blanka Vas, we now have a second great talent for cyclocross with Marie Schreiber. It also fits in with our aims to become more prominent in cyclocross. Vas and Schreiber have the potential to make strides in this field as well.”

Danny Stam, SD Worx sports manager

“It was really a surprise for me that Team SD Worx was interested. It’s a huge boost to my confidence that they also see opportunities on the road. I have never ridden a full road season before. Because of Corona, hardly any races took place in Luxembourg for juniors, while I had obligations for school last year. So this season I will have to figure out a bit on which terrain I can do best. Although this road season will mainly be about cyclocross. If you want to perform well in cyclocross in winter these days, you need a solid road season.

When there are two of you, you can share your experiences well. Furthermore, you pull together. I have surprised myself somewhat with my performance in recent months. Things are going better than I expected. Those performances in the field also give confidence for the road season. After all, some of the girls I am competing with now in cyclocross are also doing well on the road.”

Marie Schreiber