Marion de Cocq new team manager NXTG Racing


Marion de Cocq is NXTG Racing’s new team manager. She takes over from Natascha den Ouden who co-founded the team and will stay on to coordinate sponsorships. 

Marion has a lot of experience in sports marketing and has been part of some of the most successful Dutch professional speedskating teams. She currently works as professor at SPECO sports marketing and the Johan Cruyff Academy. Her wealth of experience and extensive network will help NXTG Racing take the next step in professionalisation.

I was honoured that Servais and Natascha Knaven asked me to come onboard. It’s a unique team that wants to give young women the opportunity to succeed in their cycling and their professional career. The dual approach really appeals to me. NXTG also gives the riders time to grow as an athlete and in their future role in society. The team stands for equal opportunity in both the sports and the work environment. I feel my experience as team manager and my role in educating the new generation of professionals in sports marketing come together in this new role. 

The world of sports is still a men’s world and it would be great if we can change something. At SPECO 90% of our students is male and I would love to give our female students the opportunity to work as a trainee with NXTG. This way they gain valuable experience and can help build this project. 

After years of teaching only I really started to miss being part of a team again. I hope to contribute to our ambition to become a women’s world tour team. All around there is more and more interest in women’s sports and women’s cycling. The rise of women’s cycling and the focus on equality offers more opportunities, media attention and interesting partnerships than ever before. These are exciting times and I am excited to be part of it.