Marta Cavalli hospitalised after being struck by motorist in Italy

Marta Cavalli, the former Italian road champion, was taken to hospital on Friday after being struck by a motor vehicle during a training ride near her home in northern Italy. The incident occurred in the Pizzighettone area, where Cavalli was riding with a friend.

The collision happened at a roundabout on Provincial Road 234. Il Giorno reported that the car entered the roundabout, potentially without yielding, and struck Cavalli, who took a heavy fall. Cavalli’s companion was unhurt in the incident.

Cavalli, who won the overall at the 2023 CIC-Tour Féminin International des Pyrénées, complained of neck and back pain after the crash and was taken to the hospital in Cremona. Tuttobici and SpazioCiclismo noted that she remained conscious throughout the ordeal. Early reports indicate that her injuries are non-life-threatening, but she is undergoing further examinations.

The accident is currently under investigation by the local police to determine if the driver failed to give way at the roundabout. Cavalli’s friend, who was riding with her, did not suffer any injuries and was not impacted by the vehicle.

This year, Cavalli has only competed in four events. She withdrew from La Vuelta Femenina in April after two stages due to health issues and was not scheduled to participate in next week’s Giro d’Italia Women.

This incident marks another stroke of bad luck for the 26-year-old cyclist from Cremona. The investigation continues as authorities look into the circumstances of the crash.

UPDATE: 6th July

FDJ-SUEZ confirmed in a medical update on Saturday that Cavalli had no fractures and that they will continue to support her in her recovery.

“Yesterday Marta Cavalli was involved in a road accident while out cycling with friends in Italy,” FDJ-SUEZ confirmed.

“Fortunately, after undergoing 24 hours of medical observation in hospital, we can confirm that no fractures were diagnosed. 

“The whole team is behind her!”

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