Maryanne Hinault and Anaïs Morichon sign with Arkéa Pro Cycling Team

Maryanne Hinault and Anaïs Morichon sign with Arkéa Pro Cycling Team
UCI Women’s Continental team, Arkéa Pro Cycling Team records the arrivals for the 2022 season of Anaïs Morichon and Maryanne Hinault.

Maryanne Hinault

“Emmanuel Hubert, General Manager, had already told me about joining the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team. I had declined the offer made in order to complete my cycle of studies, and above all I did not want to take this step without being sure of being able to train 100%. There, I am on a more leisurely pace at the level of studies and thus I will be able to ride correctly. I work too, but I’m lucky to have a boss who gives me plenty of flexibility to train. I thank him for that. All lights are therefore green. Being confined and not being able to run also cost me, as did having to quit my sport because of my studies. These two factors gave me a desire to cycle 100% in order to see what it could be like and not feed any regrets. My results at the French Track Championships with a short training cycle definitely convinced me to take this step. I also know that this opportunity presented to me may not come again. So I took my chance. I want to give myself 100% in order to make the most of this professional cycling experience. I realize that this year may be difficult because I haven’t run a lot lately, and therefore the winter work will be fundamental. My ambitions will be to learn and help my teammates. I also have some time trial qualities so why not continue to explore them. This 2022 season will be for me above all that of discovery”.

Anaïs Morichon

“I had a great season on the road coming back down as an amateur this year. I signed a podium on a Coupe de France round and finished 3rd in the French Espoirs Championships, and 4th in the time trial. It gave me a boost of motivation. I then contacted Franck Renimel, sports director of the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team to find out if he was interested in taking me back into his squad. Franck let me know that 2021 has allowed me to mature, that he has appreciated the behavior that I have shown during the past amateur season. So he offered me a contract for the 2022 season. I’m happy to join the team, I know the staff, the girls and my integration will be quick. I also felt that this year I had gained in power, my role will be to help my teammates during the major events of the season, and more personally I would like to demonstrate my progress compared to 2020 on certain UCI events ”.

Franck Renimel, directeur-sportif

“Anaïs Morichon knows the team. She has matured in a year, and has shown great things in the amateur ranks. This 2021 season has allowed her to progress, and I am convinced that next year she will continue to do so by returning to the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team. She will not need time to learn or get to know the group since she almost knows them. Maryanne Hinault she will join the professional ranks. She follows the lineage of her dad, Sébastien who has been for many years with men. She will do her first professional year in 2022, and will be in an apprenticeship phase with us after putting her career on hold for a few months for her studies. We play the proximity card with Maryanne because she is Breton. She also has a great experience on the track, which is a great school of cycling, and we hope that she will be able to transpose it on the road “.