Mavic joins St Michel-Auber93 as a name sponsor for 2023

St Michel Mavic Auber93 2023 Jersey

In 2023, Mavic becomes a co-sponsor of the St Michel-Auber93 team, marking a new stage in its support for the St Michel-Auber93 team. The outfit will become St Michel-Mavic-Auber93 from January 1st 2023 and will wear the colours and use the innovations of Mavic on the roads at professional cycling events.

A French pioneer in wheel manufacturing since 1889, Mavic has been equipping the French team for 32 years. Winner of the MAVIC French Cup for clubs in 1993, then with the Pros since 1994, the history of “Auber” is intimately linked to that of the Annecy-based company: stage victory on the Tour, national titles and Coupe de France Pro, and later on support in the creation of the Women’s team too.

St Michel-Mavic-Auber93 riders can count on the best technologies from Mavic, many of which have revolutionised the bicycle wheel and are now adopted by a majority of manufacturers and athletes. This pioneering side is once again in the spotlight because Mavic supports the development of high-level women’s cycling and is committed to St Michel-Auber93 with a title partnership, for Men and Women.

St Michel-Auber93 had a strong 2022 season, their first at Women’s Continental level. Simone Boilard was a star of the team, finally beginning to deliver on the promise she showed a junior when she took a bronze medal at the World Championships in 2018. She was supported by Coralie Demay who also had a strong year. She took the team’s only win of 2022, a memorable one at the Tour Feminin l’Ardeche. For 2023, the team has refreshed the line-up, signing French talents like Marion Borras, Camille Fahy, Célia le Mouel, Dilyxine Miermont and Olivia Onesti.

“By buying Mavic, we sought to relaunch a historic French brand, whose notoriety is no longer to be proven in the world of cycling. Associating it with the St Michel – Auber93 team is the demonstration of our desire to return to cycling races and support the most successful of them in order to raise our level of play in the technology of our products.”

Jean-Michel Bourrelier, Mavic CEO

“When Mavic was bought out by Bourrelier Groupe, I wanted to give the brand new momentum. Known as a historic partner of the men’s team, I have decided to support the creation of the women’s team in 2022, notably with a remarkable presence in Paris Roubaix and the Tour de France. It is now a real pride coupled with a mark of mutual trust to associate the Mavic name with the outfits of the 2 teams, the start of a new chapter in our collaboration.”

Guillaume Martin, Mavic Sports Marketing Manager

“Mavic has supported us for decades. In 2023 our Pro Men’s team will complete its 30th season, and like Mavic, we are tackling the future and its challenges with ambition. We are at a turning point in our common history, and our mixed project with the arrival of the Pro Women team was a first step in 2022. By becoming St Michel-Mavic-Auber93, we are taking an additional step to continue growing, by working over time to reach new milestones.”

Stéphane Javalet, General Manager of St Michel-Auber93

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