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Miriam Vece is back on track in Germany after the bronze in the World Cup

The Valcar – Travel & Service athlete will participate in the Bahnen-Tournee in Germany over the weekend with the aim of following up on the two medals won in the World Cup.

One of the symbolic athletes of Valcar – Travel & Service is Miriam Vece. Always wearing a fuchsia blue jersey since she was 13, now the track rider from Cremona is one of the great Italian hopes for winning a medal at the 2024 Paris Olympics. On Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th this formidable athlete will try to extend the row of podiums after those obtained in the first two rounds of the UCI Nations Cup, competing in Germany.

“The Bahnen-Tournee, level C1 test, is my return to racing after the bronze obtained in Canada”, confirms the track rider from Cremona, who has been living in the World Cycling Center in Aigle (Switzerland) for four years. “The goal will be to find the feeling with the velodrome and have fun; if a good result also arrives in keirin so much the better ».

Is it easier to have fun with two 500m medals around your neck like the ones won in Glasgow and Milton?

«The results fuel self-esteem and morale, fundamental aspects for those who compete in speed races. And they are even more important for me: this winter I changed a lot and the national team has been renewed. ”

The opponents, on the other hand, are always the same …

“And they are strong; especially the German Pauline Grabosch has an incredible conviction and awareness in her means. And you can count on an enviable physical constitution ».

How does the gap close?

«With daily work. Day after day I hope to get closer to higher levels ».

Speaking of routine, what is a typical day in the centre of Aigle?

“Wake up at 8:30; then rollers or power works; lunch at 11:30 and three hours on the track until 17:00; then dinner at 6.30 pm and free evening with the three trackies who are with me in the centre».

How is living with three boys?

“By now they consider me one of them and they no longer have ‘gender’ filters or qualms. But without them it would be boring: in the evening we play cards, ping-pong, basketball or badminton; they are also passionate about photography and video production ».

Have you succumbed to the charm of the camera too?

“Not like them. I am a shopping fanatic and, thanks to Simona Frapporti, of nail care: years ago she saw that I ate them and she fixed them for me. Since then I love to keep them looked after ».

Was nail biting a sign of stress?

“I don’t know if stress, shyness or what. It was something that came naturally to me before the races ».

And now how do you manage the pressure?

“Listening to music; but I don’t have a predefined playlist: I go from Latin American to Jovanotti, from Walking on a dream by Empire of the sun to rapper Pitbull. On the track, on the other hand, I have my routine: from the time I go to the velodrome to when I try the reports; mechanisms refined in recent years and which help to get involved in the race; and to make me feel at ease “.

In addition to Miriam Vece’s appointment on the track, Valcar – Travel & Service will be at the starting line in three other races this weekend.

Saturday 4th Carlotta Cipressi, Federica Piergiovanni and Elena Pirrone will compete in the time trial of the Food Valley in Mezzani, in the province of Parma; Sunday 5th at the City of Meldola Trophy (PR) Olivia Baril, Carlotta Cipressi, Eleonora Gasparrini, Silvia Persico, Federica Piergiovanni, Elena Pirrone and Lizzie Stannard will line up at the street. Transfer to Belgium for the 13th Dwars door de Westhoek for Anastasia Carbonari, Chiara Consonni, Karolina Kumi? Ga, Emma Redaelli, Ilaria Sanguineti and Margaux Vigié.


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