Next up: Tour de Suisse Women

Next up: Tour de Suisse Women

After a week without races Liv Racing Xstra resumes the season with the Tour de Suisse Women.

The stage races contains four stages. The first stage is only 46 kilometres divided into 10 local laps in Vaduz. One day later the riders will face an individual time trial over 25,6 km. The final two days contain a lot of climbing. In the third stage the Gais (7,4 km, 6,5%) is in the parcours, followed by St. Luzisteig (2,9 km, 7.4%) at a little more than 20 km from the uphill finish. The fourth and final day contains the Wolfgangpass (6,6 km, 6,8%) in the middle of the stage and has also an demanding uphill finish.

Liv Racing Xstra brings four riders to the start in Switzerland. Quinty Ton comes to the start after she rode a very strong Women`s Tour. Jeanne Korevaar en Valerie Demey were on altitude camp the last weeks and are getting back to racing in this race. The same goes for Katia Ragusa, who is back after a longer training period.

“I had a good training period after my Spanish races in the beginning of May. The Tour de Suisse is first race and I`m really curious how my legs will respond to this. I feel good in training, but that is of course something else then in a race. Like our last races we want to show our purple colours in the front of the race. I`m really looking forward to it”, Ragusa said.

18/06, stage 1: Vaduz – Vaduz (46 km)
19/06, stage 2: Vaduz – Vaduz (25.6 km)
20/06, stage 3: Vaduz – Chur (124.2 km)
21/06, stage 4: Chur – Lantsch/Lenz (98.5 km)