Pre-Race Lotte Kopecky Sets Sights on Coveted Paris-Roubaix Victory

Lotte Kopecky 2024 Paris Roubaix Femmes

Ahead of today’s Paris-Roubaix Femmes, Lotte Kopecky, the world champion cyclist, is fuelled with anticipation for the race that has been a marked event in her calendar. The Belgian rider, aiming for her first victory in this iconic race, shared her eagerness and respect for the challenge ahead. “Yes, you can say that,” Kopecky admitted whilst speaking with Sporza when asked if this was the race she looked forward to the most, highlighting the unique allure of Paris-Roubaix for her and its absence from her list of honours.

The condition of the course was a topic of keen interest for Kopecky, who noted, “It was in reasonable condition, but there are treacherous parts where it suddenly becomes slippery. That can lead to situations like last year. You have to be alert.” This cautious approach underscores the unpredictable nature of the race and the need for vigilance.

Reflecting on her team, SD Worx-Protime, and their form, Kopecky was realistic about the high standards set by the previous year’s performances. “We are well aware that it will not be like this every year. That should not be the standard,” she expressed, acknowledging the competitive spirit and efforts of her rivals in the women’s peloton.

As for tactics, the possibility of deciding the race on Carrefour de l’Arbre remains uncertain due to the wind conditions, but Kopecky is open to opportunities before and after this crucial section. The prospect of a sprint finish is also on the cards, with Kopecky confidently stating, “I dare to sprint against everyone,” though she humbly adds, “but whether I can beat everyone is something else.”

Teammate Lorena Wiebes, another strong contender, could also be in the mix, with Kopecky hinting at discussions about their strategy if they approach the finish together. However, the dynamics of Paris-Roubaix, with its length and technical demands, differ greatly from track racing, challenging Kopecky to adapt her skills to this unique event.

Identifying Marianne Vos as her biggest competitor, Kopecky is mindful of the formidable challenge ahead.