Recital of our runners in the home race

Recital of our runners in the home race

“It has been the dream cycling morning”, that is how the club president José Luis San Emeterio was clear and happy after the three races played. Three team wins, two individual wins and two second places make this Cantabria Sports Grand Prix-VI Villa de Noja Women’s Cycling Trophy, the third round of the Cofidis Women’s Cup of Spain, something difficult to repeat and that will remain marked in the brilliant history of this club.

Alba Leonardo, in elite-under 23, and Lucía Ruiz, in junior, got the victory while Laura Ruiz in junior and María Filgueiras in cadet were second. This, together with many triumphs in the secondary classifications of our runners, and the team victory in the cadet, junior and elite-under 23 categories rounds off an excellent performance by the Río Miera-Meruelo-Cantabria Deporte and UCI Río Miera-Cantabria Deporte groups.

In cadets, María Filgueiras was second and took the mountain classification. Without being able to catch Paula Ostiz who was left alone, María knew how to keep second place and help her team achieve the classification by squads.

The junior race was busy from the beginning and in the lead, the Ruiz sisters always set the pace. On the climb to Trengandín, Laura and Lucía gave a jump that left them with victory on a platter. At the finish line, Lucía entered with a few meters of advantage over her sister Laura de Ella, who also raised her hands for the double achieved.

In addition to the team victory for the River Miera-Meruelo-Cantabria Sport Lucía won the mountain and Laura the flying goals.

There was little time for relaxation throughout the 85km stage in the elite under-23 race. Several escapes were attempted, the most dangerous being that of Maryna Varenyk, who managed to get more than half a minute on the last lap. However, the pace of the peloton increased and they gave chase. The sprint was intense and it was necessary to resort to the photo finish to declare the winner to the UCI Río Miera-Cantabria Deporte team cyclist Alba Leonardo ahead of Yurani Blanco. Nerea Nuño won the prize for the flying goals, Alba Leonardo the prize for the mountain and the team achieved a fantastic triplet by squads.

Lucía Ruiz was “happy to win at home as it is something special and even more so if you do it accompanied by your sister at the finish line. On the climb to Trengandín we have attacked to be able to reach the finish line with enough advantage to win. We want to continue at the highest level all season”.

For Alba Leonardo “the win was special and very emotional as she wasn’t on a winning streak. I am happy to find these good feelings and more at home with the family cheering me on. I thank my teammates because without the work done by the whole team I wouldn’t have been able to win”.

Toñín Suarez, director of the cadet team, highlighted “the good work that the whole team has done. The weather was not on our side but the runners made a great effort to run an excellent race”.

Aída Nuño, team director, along the same lines as her colleague, valued the “work of ten that they have all done. We ran at home, we wanted to be seen and they all competed very well. I feel happy as a coach since the runners help a lot to make everything run wonderfully”.

Jose Luis San Emeterio, president of the club, was “very happy with how things have gone. It was not easy to make good races with time like this, but our riders have performed at a very high level. I congratulate you for it. This is the way. I also want to thank the sponsors, sponsors, collaborators and volunteers for their efforts for their work.”