Riders to Look Out for at Dwars Door Vlaanderen Men in 2024

Dwars Door Vlaanderen, a revered classic in the heart of the cycling season, is set to captivate audiences once more in 2024. Renowned for its challenging course that weaves through the Flemish Ardennes, this race includes infamous climbs like the Cote de Trieu, Kanarieberg, Ladeuze, and Nokereberg. These sections demand a combination of climbing prowess and tactical savviness, setting the stage for a day where only the strongest and most cunning prevail. Among its distinguished list of past victors, Dwars Door Vlaanderen has seen many a cyclist cement their legacy by mastering its taxing terrain.

Mads Pedersen

Mads Pedersen comes into Dwars Door Vlaanderen 2024 as a formidable contender, fresh off a victory at the prestigious Gent-Wevelgem. This triumph not only underscores his exceptional form this season but also his adeptness at handling the rigours of Flemish racing. With a profile that perfectly suits the cobbled classics, Pedersen’s ability to excel on climbs like the Cote de Trieu and power through to a fast finish gives him a solid chance at achieving another notable result. His proven resilience and tactical intelligence, combined with his recent victory, mark him as a rider with a very good option for standing atop the podium once again.

Laurence Pithie
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Laurence Pithie

Laurence Pithie, the emerging talent from the younger ranks, has displayed remarkable potential early in the 2024 season. Despite being relatively new to the pressures of professional cycling, Pithie’s agile riding and swift adaptation to the elite level have set him apart. Though his experience at Dwars Door Vlaanderen may be limited, his early showings indicate a rider capable of handling the race’s strategic demands, including the pivotal climbs and technical descents. Pithie’s youthful vigour and climbing ability could very well translate into a decent result, making him an intriguing prospect for the future.

Wout van Aert

Wout van Aert comes into Dwars Door Vlaanderen 2024 as a rider everyone will be watching closely. With a season already filled with strong performances, van Aert has demonstrated time and again that he’s a force to be reckoned with. His expertise in navigating the tricky sections of Flemish races, combined with his excellent form, make him a prime candidate for victory. Van Aert’s strength lies in his versatile ability to excel on both climbs and in sprint finishes. Given his experience and success in previous editions, he has a solid chance of adding another victory to his impressive resume.

Jasper Philipsen
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Jasper Philipsen

Jasper Philipsen, known for his electrifying sprint finishes, is among the favourites for Dwars Door Vlaanderen 2024. His results this season speak to his formidable speed and tactical acumen, making him a threat in any sprint finish. Philipsen has previously demonstrated his ability to contend in the Flemish classics, navigating the race’s challenges with a blend of power and finesse. His sprinting talent, coupled with an improved capacity to tackle the climbs and cobbles, earmarks him as a rider with a strong chance of victory, particularly if the race concludes in a fast finish. His win at Milan San Remo makes him a rider in some serious form.

Oier Lazkano

Oier Lazkano, the young rider celebrated for his bold attacks and flair for breakaways, is set to make his mark on Dwars Door Vlaanderen 2024. While he might not boast the sprinting prowess of some of his competitors, Lazkano’s aggressive racing style and stamina on the race’s signature climbs, such as the Nokereberg, offer him a unique opportunity to surprise. His performances earlier in the season have shown he’s capable of mixing it with the best in the one-day races, suggesting that he’s ready to take on the challenge of Dwars Door Vlaanderen’s cobbles and climbs. Lazkano’s potential for a breakthrough performance makes him a rider to watch closely.

As the peloton prepares to tackle the iconic climbs and cobbled sections of Dwars Door Vlaanderen, these five riders stand out as the top contenders. Their distinct strengths, recent form, and historical performances in the race highlight their potential for success. With the demanding nature of the course, it will undoubtedly be their resilience, tactical savvy, and determination that will set them apart in the quest for victory.

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