Riders to Watch at this Year’s Grote Prijs Beerens

Chiara Consonni

The Grote Prijs Beerens is quickly becoming one of the exciting races in the women’s cycling calendar. Taking place this year on 3rd September 2023, it comes with an unpredictable course and a lineup teeming with talent, it’s an event that never fails to provide a good result. As the anticipation builds for this year’s edition, here’s a comprehensive guide to the riders you can watch out for at this year’s race.

Why Grote Prijs Beerens Is One to Watch

The significance of Grote Prijs Beerens in the women’s cycling arena has surged over the past few years. From a 1.2 in 2021 to a 1.1 last year, this race offers a gruelling yet balanced terrain that puts both climbers and sprinters through their paces. The course’s complexity makes it a magnet for versatile riders—those capable of shifting gears between aggressive climbs and nail-biting sprints. It’s not just a race; it’s a battle of tactics, endurance, and mental fortitude.

The Heavyweights: Chiara Consonni, Marthe Truyen, and Arianna Fidanza

The names Chiara Consonni, Marthe Truyen, and now Arianna Fidanza will surely be mentioned as race favourites. Consonni, with her renowned sprinting abilities, and Fidanza, known for her own quick finishes, are forces to be reckoned with in flat sections. Truyen, also does well in sprints, with maybe a stronger finish on tough parcours, making her a formidable opponent in the more challenging segments of the race. All three riders bring a mix of youth and experience, and any could realistically stand atop the podium when the dust settles.

Eline van Rooijen
Eline van Rooijen

Rising Stars: Julia Kopecky and Eline van Rooijen

Not to be overshadowed by the more seasoned competitors, Julia Kopecky and Eline van Rooijen are rising stars with substantial promise. Kopecky’s all-round abilities make her a strong contender in any race scenario and the Czech took a great surprise win earlier in the year at Leiedal Koerse. Eline Van Rooijen has shown an aptitude for strategic racing, taking a great win from a small group at the Grote Prijs Yvonne Reynders recently. Van Rooijen wasn’t the most fancied against more experienced names but had the fastest finish that day.

Versatile Competitors: Margaux Vigie and Mieke Docx

When it comes to versatility, Margaux Vigie and Mieke Docx stand out. Vigie is known for her balanced approach to racing, excelling neither in sprints nor climbs but holding her own in various terrains. Mieke Docx, on the other hand, has shown flashes of brilliance in both one-day and stage races, making her a well-rounded competitor. They may not be specialists, but their adaptability makes them indispensable assets in any team. Docx has been the leader of the Belgian Cycling Cup for most of this season.

Kathrin Schweinberger
Kathrin Schweinberger

The Dark Horses: Kathrin Schweinberger and Scarlett Souren

The likes of Kathrin Schweinberger and Scarlett Souren may not be the first names on everyone’s lips, but they carry an air of unpredictability that can unsettle the best-laid plans of their competitors. Schweinberger has proven her mettle in one-day races, finishing 4th at Konvert Kortrijk Koerse recently. While Souren has consistently punched above her weight when least expected, including 2nd at the Egmont Cycling Race. Both bring something different to the table, making them riders who could surprise us all.

Kirstie van Haaften
Kirstie van Haaften

The Dutch Brigade: Kirstie van Haaften, Lieke Nooijen, Danique Braam

The Dutch have a storied history in women’s cycling, and this year’s Grote Prijs Beerens features a strong contingent from the Netherlands. Kirstie van Haaften, Lieke Nooijen, and Danique Braam represent the next generation of Dutch cyclists. Each brings a unique skill set, whether it’s van Haaften’s tactical intelligence, Nooijen’s sprinting, or Braam’s climbing abilities. Underestimate them at your peril.