Scenes from the UCI Women’s Elite Road Race World Championship. Alena Amialiusik was our best placed rider, finishing in 18th place.

“I am not very happy with the result, I started the main climb in very bad position due to crashes before, where I had to stop several times. I could get to the front at the end of the climb but the main break had already gone. I’m sad I couldn’t have the opportunity to at least try to stay with the best ones.”

“It was a hard race from the beginning, with a lot of crashes, the peloton was nervous and it took a lot of energy from my body. At one point I felt empty, but I think it was a mental tiredness. One positive thing for me with is that after two years of missing Worlds because of my injuries today, finally, I could do a world championship so I know now what I have to work for the future and I am looking forward to it.” Alena Amialiusik.