Le Samyn des dames, Lucie Jounier 11th


On the line

“The Samyn was still a real Belgian race. We were competing in it for the 3rd time in a row, which means that we had information as to how the race could unfold. It is really a tough event mentally, and which called for placement. There were fifteen kilometers in line, then, then the circuit with four cobblestone sectors, you really had to be super well placed from the first, in fact the selection is made from the back. Marie-Morgane was in front with me to help and protect me, but she crashed and I was alone in the lead group. It’s really a knockout race with no recovery time this year, Typhaine, who had experienced a mechanical problem from the first sector, managed to get back into the peloton after chasing for many kilometers, but she was again hampered by numerous falls that took place within it. The ending leaves me a hint of bitterness because I miss my sprint, two girls who were taking their sprinters, move away, and I find myself stuck behind them. And I can only throw when all the other competitors have done so. I’m still focused on my effort, trying to bring up as many competitors as possible, but a break was made with the first. I am 11th. I have this taste of bitterness because I am at the gates of the top 10, but I especially think that the top 5 was accessible. There are still opportunities to perform, and I hope to be able to translate my current form into a very good result.”