Sandra Levenez: “I am motivated like a cadet”


On the eve of her second season in the professional cycling ranks, Sandra Levenez lifts the veil on her ambitions for 2021.

Winter 2020-2021

“  My winter has been studious, as since I have been a top-level athlete. I can’t wait to hand out a bib because the quality of the winter work is always based on competition. So I’m waiting for the Oetingen Grand Prix on Sunday. I know that this test has a cobbled section and a 9% hill ”.

2021 objectives

“  Do better than last year! We have a good race program in 2021, and it seems difficult to list them all. One thing is certain, each time I will pin a bib in 2021, the motivation will be present whether it is to put it at the service of the collective on events that will not fit my physical characteristics or whether it is on a personal basis for the competitions that may suit my profile as a runner. Ambition will also be present, of course. I will repeat the same thing that I say every year: “I am motivated like a cadet”, and I can’t wait for the 2021 season to start for me “.

Charlotte Becker : “I am very happy to be back in competition for the Oetingen Grand Prix, and to be back with the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team. I am also curious to know what will be my state of form after my successful exam in the German police. You never really know where you are until your first competition of the year. My teammates achieved great things in the Grand Prix Samyn, and I was very happy to support them and to see them achieve such performances ”. 

Grégoire Le Calvé  : “  The Grand Prix of Oetingen, in Belgium is a circuit event which develops twelve kilometers, with five hundred meters of cobbled section, and a small mountain of 450 meters, with 9% of elevation. This circuit the runners will have to do it ten times. Oetingen is located below Brussels. We are coming to this event, the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team, with riders who have already competed in races like these and who have demonstrated their great aptitude for these river events. Sandra will make her comeback in competition, she is motivated for this event even if the cobbles will be a great discovery for her ”.


The Arkéa Pro Cycling Team will compete for the very first time in its history in the Grand Prix Oetingen, in Belgium.

Pauline Allin and Sandra Levenez and Charlotte Becker will compete at the Grand Prix Oetingen in their first race of the 2021 season.

Our team composition for the Grand Prix Oetingen, March 14

Pauline Allin, Sandra Levenez, Typhaine Laurance, Lucie Jounier , Charlotte Becker (Germany), Cédrine Kerboal, Gladys Verhulst.

Sporting director  : Grégoire Le Calvé