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SD Worx-Protime CEO: “It Will Be Difficult for Demi Vollering to Stay Next Year”

Demi Vollering

The future of top riders at SD Worx-Protime has been a topic of much discussion in recent weeks. While Lotte Kopecky chose to extend her contract until 2028, attention has now turned to Demi Vollering, whose contract expires next year. CEO Erwin Janssen shed some light on the matter in an interview with Het Nieuwsblad.

“Lotte has become a world-class rider and is appropriately rewarded. However, our budget is limited, and sponsor budgets are not increasing as rapidly as salaries or the costs of professionalisation. Therefore, we must make choices,” explained Janssen. “If you ask me how likely it is that Demi Vollering will still ride with us next season, I would say it will be difficult.”

While acknowledging the influence of having a Belgian main sponsor, Janssen stressed that their decision to continue with Kopecky was primarily based on her qualities and contributions to the team.

Kopecky herself briefly discussed Vollering’s potential transfer, hinting at interest from UAE Team ADQ. “I didn’t hesitate to renew my contract. If UAE had waved a cheque for a million euros, then I would have considered it. That’s a significant amount,” she remarked.

Demi Vollering’s Potential Departure

Demi Vollering emerged as the leading rider in the women’s peloton in 2023, securing several impressive victories. Rumours suggest that UAE Team ADQ could be preparing a record-breaking offer of one million euros for the Dutch cyclist.

Danny Stam, sports director of Team SD Worx-Protime, addressed these speculations, stating, “She’s one of the best riders at the moment, so of course we want to keep her but not for a million euros. It’s a substantial amount, and while it’s good if someone can pay that, we want to keep Demi but not for a blank cheque.”

As contracts for key riders come up for renewal, Team SD Worx-Protime faces a busy period of negotiations. Stam emphasised the importance of finding a balance between retaining top talent and managing their budget effectively. The likes of Marlen Reusser, Niamh Fisher-Black, Blanka Vas and Anna Shackley are all up for renewal this season.