Selle Italia presents the official 2023 Tour de France saddles

As with every Tour de France, a raft of new special products are unveiled. Selle Italia is no different with two new Tour de France branded saddles – the X3 and Novus Boost have had the touch of yellow added ahead of the 2023 race. The Tour de France is the most well-known cycling race in the world, and even people who don’t follow the cycling peloton the rest of the year will watch some of the Tour. To celebrate the 2023 edition, Selle Italia, headquartered in Asolo (Italy), presents two special edition saddles: Novus Boost Evo and X3 Boost. The stand-out feature of both models is the Grande Boucle logo and a splash of yellow detail on the saddle covers.

Selle Italia Novus Boost Evo Tour de France Edition


The Novus Boost Evo Tour de France combines exclusive design with the typical characteristics of this model: its “waved” shape makes it a particularly good fit for riders with a pronounced posterior pelvic tilt looking for a more stable pedalling position on the saddle. The saddle combines high performance with careful consideration for comfort and is built in size L3 with Manganese rails in the Tour Edition version. The official Tour de France logo and splash of yellow throughout the graphics are particularly eye-catching and are an obvious homage to the great race. There is also boost lettering on the nose of the saddle, the stippled cover and a line at the rear with the model name.

Selle Italia X3 Boost Tour de France Edition


The X3 Boost saddle is also available in a limited edition and is a durable, sturdy saddle with an attractive price tag, designed for maximum comfort with a Superflow cut-out to relieve pressure on the perineal area. This saddle is available with rails in Fec Alloy, a high-strength and flexible steel and iron-carbon alloy, in size L3.

The special edition saddles dedicated to the Tour de France will be made available here and worth looking out for in your regular cycling accessories store.

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