Sunweb & Cervélo



What began as academic research into bicycle dynamics has since evolved into the most sophisticated line-up of race engineered bikes in the world.

From the iconic Soloist to the unmistakable PX silhouette, Cervélo is credited with shaping the modern aero-road bike and they continue to lead future design trends.  In an industry dominated by goliaths, no other bike company embodies the same “garagista” spirit of competing at the highest level through deep technical knowledge, resourcefulness and sheer dogged determination.

Whether you’re a Grand Tour racer or weekend enthusiast, Ironman champion or age-grouper, we all share a drive to succeed. At Cervélo, they learn from past results, but never fixate on looking back. Their people channel their passion into only making high calibre products capable of raising expectations and raising your game. Together, they push our sport forward.

That’s worth getting up every morning for. Worth digging deep for. Worth pushing through on the toughest rides, and being surprised each time by what you can achieve on two wheels. That’s the real worth of owning a Cervélo.