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Sweden looks forward to the Giro Donne 2022

With ten days, tough mountain stages, high heat and about 100 km daily on the bike, the Giro d’Italia is back on the Women’s World Tour – and it’s a race that Hanna Nilsson has longed for. Speaking to, Ceratizit-WNT’s Swedish rider Hanna Nilsson says the “Giro is one of the absolute highlights of the year. It is a special challenge which I was really looking forward to”.

The race organisers have put more resources than ever before into the race which rejoins the Women’s WorldTour for 2022. 2 hours of live TV has been promised for each stage and the prize money pot has been increased massively. Previously the Giro Donne was noted for its very small prize money pot for a multi-stage race of such important standing. With the Tour de France Femmes this year creating a massive prize pot, the Giro Donne has stepped up too.

“It is of course a great recognition for the ladies tour. You do not want be worse than the Tour de France which also settled at the same level. The seems like you’ve finally thought of a bit. It’s not long ago the winner received SEK 5,000”

Hanna Nilsson

This year’s Giro Donne starts in Sardinia on Thursday and the finish line will be in Padova in Northern Italy on July 10th 2022. Other Swedish interest will be in Emilia Fahlin of FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope. The experienced rider will join Hanna Nilsson on the start list for this year’s Giro Donne.

“I think it will be decided in the second half when the climbs come. But there will surely be a change of the pink leader jersey more times during these stages

But we have a team with many cards to play with. And we do not go for overall, there is every opportunity to stay ahead in any stage. Is it the right day and will it be the “right” breakaway, I know I have capacity to get on the podium. That would be the greatest achievement for me and I will go “all in” for it”

Hanna Nilsson

Both Hanna and Emilia will be supporting team leaders but for Hanna, there will be more freedom. Ceratizit-WNT doesn’t have a race favourite in their line-up so will be stage hunting and getting into breaks.