TALENT Cycling presenteert internationaal juniorenteam

Setmana Ciclista Valenciana Eerste Etappekoers Biehler Pro Cycling
Setmana Ciclista Valenciana Eerste Etappekoers Biehler Pro Cycling

Marit Wasmus is an old acquaintance. She was forced to miss almost a full season due to a serious concussion, but this year she can look for her old form again. In this year’s team, she meets her old teammate Fleur van der Peet who comes over from Westland Wil Vooruit. This year, Van der Peet has opted to focus more on road cycling.

Other Dutch acquisitions are Norah Minck and Carola van de Wetering who come over from NWVG and ASC Olympia. Both riders are freshman juniores and at TALENT Cycling they hope to take an important step in their development.

The foreign contribution comes from the Belgian Sophie Tierolf and the British Freja Ann Smith. They hope to be able to head to a higher level in the Netherlands in order to continue to develop in the long term. They get the chance to ride all kinds of competitions: from criteria to classics and competitions for the UCI Women Junior Nations Cup.

Team manager Stefan van Klink: “We have a relatively inexperienced junior team this year, but it is a group with a lot of talent. This season we start a bit more from an underdog position than we did last year, but I have a lot of confidence in the development that the riders will go through. During the winter months I have seen many hopeful things. During training and competitions I am convinced that they will take many steps.

TALENT Cycling U19 team 2020:

  • Norah Minck
  • Fleur van der Peet
  • Freja Ann Smith
  • Sophie Tierolf
  • Marit Wasmus
  • Carol van de Wetering