Talentvol, ambitieus, leergierig: TALENT Elabo Development Team 2020​

The elite team of TALENT Cycling will ride this season under the name TALENT Elabo Elite Development Team. The team has a very international character this year. The team consists of eight riders from the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Australia.

Old acquaintances in the team are Myrthe Willemsen, Lieke van Weereld and Phaedra Krol. For the past six months, Willemsen has been dominated by rehabilitation after a collision, but in recent weeks she has been able to work hard at her base. Van Weereld comes over from the junior team, in which she has already driven several times with the elite team. Krol made the decision last winter to end her active cycling career, but she will remain involved as a team leader.

The European part of the team also consists of Alina Lange, Clara Lundmark and Nathalie Eklund. German Alina Lange has previously been mainly active as a track racer, but this year she is shifting her focus to the road. Clara Lundmark and Nathalie Eklund are both from Sweden. They are making the step to TALENT Cycling, so that they can gain more experience in major competitions in the Netherlands.

Elizabeth Nuspan and Amalia Langham come over from Australia to pursue their cycling dream. Nuspan already started the season well with a second place at the Australian Championship Criterium U23. Their first European course will be the Drentse Acht van Westerveld. Furthermore, the team awaits an interesting mix of UCI matches, criteria and national matches. The focus here is on sharpening skills.

Team manager Hans Blom: “It will certainly be an interesting year for our elite team, which will have employment consultancy Elabo as title partner. We have a fairly new group, but it consists of talented, enthusiastic, ambitious, eager to learn riders. Some of the foreign riders made it quite difficult for us in the race last year. I am very happy that they are driving for us this year. ”

TALENT Elabo Elite Development Team 2020:

  • Nathalie Eklund
  • Alina Lange
  • Amalia Langham
  • Clara Lundmark
  • Elizabeth Nuspan
  • Lieke van Weereld
  • Myrthe Willemsen