Team DSM launch cutting-edge performance racing apparel


Team DSM are proud to announce that from 2021, they will produce their own tailor-made race apparel, developed in cooperation with DSM and by their technology partner Bioracer.

Embarking on a journey to produce the world’s best performance wear, Team DSM step away from a traditional commercial partnership to produce a purpose-made, performance-driven product that meets new standards – those set by professional riders for the most demanding circumstances.

Protective fabrics will gradually be integrated into multiple clothing options, ensuring that each fabric matches the specific demands of each item. The apparel utilises peak performance materials and the latest technologies, including DSM’s protective Dyneema® fabrics and purpose fit Arnitel® materials. Bioracer bring their wealth of technical knowledge in the production and development of high-end performance apparel to the partnership, ensuring that the team’s kit is produced to the highest of standards. Utilising their knowledge of BioEfficiency, BioComfort and BioRegulation, they will ensure the state-of-the-art production of Team DSM’s own specially crafted performance wear.

Team DSM’s Head of Science, Narelle Neumann said: “Having the highest demands when it comes to equipment and material, it has been a long-cherished ambition for the team to be able to facilitate a customised clothing solution. We are extremely pleased that we are now in a position to realise that as we take on this new challenge of producing our own bespoke race apparel. In close collaboration with DSM and Bioracer, our new race wear will facilitate better performance. By stepping away from commercial brands and using new cutting-edge technologies, simply put, we want to produce the very best and fastest race clothing for our riders – without compromises. We are confident that this is a step that will definitely deliver a competitive gain.”

DSM Co-CEO Dimitri de Vreeze added: “Safety is our top priority and a value I know we share with the team. The pioneering use of the protective material Dyneema® – the world’s strongest fiber – into cycling wear has helped the team to reduce abrasion injuries. We’re excited to continue this focus with Team DSM and to integrate even more cutting-edge technologies into their race apparel to improve both rider safety and performance. Together we are producing the fastest, best and safest race clothing out there – creating an absolute new standard of race wear.”  

Danny Segers, CEO of Bioracer, continued: “Throughout the last ten years we have strived to continuously improve the aerodynamics of the race wear that we produce. We are certain that the expertise of our Proto Lab, Textile Studio and Speed Center along with DSM’s latest innovations and Team DSM’s performance science which underpins the concept, will lead to the fastest aerodynamics for Team DSM. We’re excited to get this new collaboration underway and utilise our expertise to optimise the race wear of Team DSM riders so that they are the fastest they can be on the bike.”