The Bike Inn trotse nieuwe sponsor van Talent Pro Cycling Team


We proudly present our new sponsor for the 2021 season: The Bike Inn!

The Bike Inn is a world-class bike mechanic training centre based in Cumbria in the North of England, UK. Not only do they offer the only internationally recognized and accredited training in this field, but they also teach short courses in disciplines such as wheel building, hydraulics and general bicycle maintenance.

Due to the high quality of their students, they are often approached to provide event support for sporting and charity rides at home and abroad. One of their permanent employees is also the lead at GB Age Group Triathlon Bike Mechanic. This provides mutual benefits for team sponsor programs, where the team can rely on top-class professional assistance at events, with The Bike Inn able to provide their students with these privileged and invaluable experiences.

Together with their partner company Helmwind Cycles (which offers bicycle repairs, maintenance and service – also provided by top class mechanics), The Bike Inn also offers The Bike Fit service to its customers. Tailor-made frame building and modifications, and coaching programs that help professionals and amateur athletes alike achieve their cycling goals.

The Talent Women Pro Cycling Team is a perfect fit for The Bike Inn, as both promote professional women’s cycling across Europe. The Bike Inn and Talent Cycling look forward to celebrating their joint successes in the coming season.