Tour of Valencia preview


After a little bit of rest after the Spring Classics, NXTG Racing is back in action this week.  Julia, Catalina, Emily, Britt, Amelia and Mylène travel to Spain for the Setmana Ciclista Valenciana. It’s a four-day stage postponed from February to May. Catalina previews. 

It’s an awesome opportunity to race in Spain, specially a stage race like Setmana Ciclista Valenciana. I want to make the most of it with a big smile (maybe a hurting smile) and tackle the Spanish racing which I have never done! The heat and the climbs will be a challenge which I’ll be ready to undergo with the team so we can perform well! Can’t wait really!

It’s the second stage race of the year for the team, after the Healthy Ageing Tour in March. 

We have four stages in total. The first two are very hilly. I think it will be a very selective race in which you won’t only need strength and endurance but also skill and some luck. 
The third stage is the shortest and flattest stage before going into another big day on the bike for stage four where everyone’s endurance will be put to onto the test. Recovery and fuelling will be really important before during and after each stage!

Sports director Brent Van Ballenberghe is curious to see how the riders will do. 

We want them to develop further. For some riders it’s only the first stage race in the elite category. They have to learn and get better. If they do as well as earlier this Spring there will be opportunities. Why not try a breakaway one day? They are clearly very motivated and I am looking forward to seeing them race again. 

The Spanish website A Punt has a livestream every day from 13.30 CET