TV Viewing Guide for the Tour de France: When and How to Watch Each Stage Live

21/07/2023 - Tour de France 2023 - Etape 19 - Moirans-en-Montagne / Poligny (172,8 km) - CICCONE Giulio (LDIL -TREK), PHILIPSEN Jasper (ALPECIN - DECEUNINCK), VINGEGAARD Jonas (JUMBO - VISMA)

The Tour de France is a pinnacle event in the cycling calendar, captivating audiences worldwide with its gruelling stages, breathtaking landscapes, and intense competition. This year, fans are in for a treat as all stages will be broadcast live from start to finish. Whether you’re a dedicated fan planning to watch every minute or someone trying to catch the most crucial parts amidst work commitments, this guide will help you make the most of your viewing experience.

Understanding the Daily Broadcast Schedule

Each stage of the Tour de France has its unique characteristics, influencing the best times to tune in. The stages vary from flat routes favouring sprinters to mountainous terrains that challenge the world’s best climbers. Our table below provides a comprehensive schedule showing the start time, the 50km-to-go mark, and the expected finish time for each stage, helping you plan your day around the most exciting parts of the race.

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Types of Stages and Key Viewing Times

This year’s Tour de France route offers plenty of different types of stages with the sprinters likely to get more chances than they did last year. In contrast, the GC battle will continue right up until the final day when a final day time trial in Nice has the potential to decide the winner of the yellow jersey with the very last bit of action.

Flat Stages

Flat stages are typically less eventful until the final kilometres, where sprinters’ teams set up thrilling finishes. For casual viewers, these stages are best enjoyed by tuning in towards the end.

When to watch

  • Final 20-30km: The pace picks up significantly as teams jostle for position, leading to an exhilarating sprint finish.

Hilly Stages

Hilly stages can be unpredictable, with breakaways and attacks often shaking up the peloton. These stages are compelling throughout, but the action usually intensifies in the final third.

When to watch

  • Final 50km: This is when the breakaways are chased down, and the puncheurs make their moves on the climbs.

Mountain Stages

Mountain stages are the heart of the Tour de France, often deciding the overall classification. These stages are intense and can have pivotal moments throughout the day.

When to watch

  • Final 70km: This period covers the major climbs and the crucial attacks that can reshape the General Classification standings.

Individual Time Trials

Time trials are about precision and power, with each rider racing against the clock. The excitement lies in the cumulative time differences impacting the overall rankings.

When to watch

  • Last 50 riders: Given the nature of time trials, every rider’s performance is significant but the GC leaders will start later.

Tips for Catching the Action

  1. Weekend Warriors: Make the most of your weekends by watching entire stages, especially the mountain stages and pivotal time trials.
  2. After Work Viewing: For those with work commitments, tuning in for the final hour of each stage will ensure you catch the critical moments.
  3. Set Reminders: Use our provided schedule to set reminders for the key times you don’t want to miss.
  4. Highlight Reels: If you can’t watch live, many broadcasters offer daily highlights, summarising the action-packed moments.
Tour de France Sunflowers

2024 Tour de France Stage Timetable

By understanding the nature of each stage and planning your viewing times accordingly, you can enjoy the Tour de France to its fullest. Whether you’re an ardent fan or a casual viewer, there’s something for everyone in this grand spectacle of endurance, strategy, and pure athleticism. Happy watching!

Times are in BST

StageStart PlaceStart Time (BST)50 km To Go (BST)Finish PlaceFinish Time (BST)Stage Type
7Nuits-Saint-Georges12:05N/AGevrey-Chambertin16:29Time trial
11Évaux-les-Bains10:3014:20Le Lioran15:54Mountain
15Gruissan12:1014:56La Belle16:22Flat
18Embrun11:3014:31Col du Lautaret16:07Hilly
19Nice12:5516:06Col de Couillole17:28Mountain
20Monaco13:40N/AMonaco18:30Time trial

As with all races, the finish times and 50km to go times may vary. Stages may run slower or much faster depending on prevailing winds and the parcours. Treat this as an educated rough idea for when to start watching the finale of each stage.

Main photo credit: ASO

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