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Typhaine Laurance: « I know the route by heart »

Typhaine Laurance appreciates the course of Plouay, the routes taken by the race are indeed those of its year-round training.


Typhaine Laurance : ” I competed in the Grand de Plouay last year, and this year it will be my second participation. We will have to cover eleven turns of thirteen kilometres six hundred. It’s a World-Tour event for women, a placement race on a hilly circuit that keeps going up and down, in fact. We take small roads, one of which requires a lot of placement, the one with a windmill, because it often drops there, and then, if we run behind at that point, we also risk having a break. I know by heart the routes taken by the race, they are the ones I train on, I also do my exercises on them. I feel at home, and Plouay has a special flavour, I really appreciate this circuit. The goal will be to bring results to the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team, “.

The briefing

Franck Renimel, sports director “The distance is not neutral: 150 kilometres is unusual for women. The route is also difficult and has more than two thousand vertical drop. Plouay is a race of attrition. Our goal will be to support the best. We will be careful, while trying to be present on the breakaways, to weigh on the race. It is obvious that due to the course itself the selection is made from behind and with the distance, also due to the presence of all the big professional teams at the start ”.


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