Valentina Basilico sprints to Stage 2 win in El Salvador

Valentina Basilico, representing the Eneicat-CM team, secured victory in stage II of the Vuelta Ciclista El Salvador, an event organised by the Government of El Salvador as part of the Tour El Salvador 2024. Basilico’s triumph not only marked a personal achievement but also contributed points towards the world ranking of the International Cycling Union.

The stage unfolded on Sunday, featuring a closed circuit spanning 72 kilometres, divided into 12 laps of 6 kilometres each. Clocking in at 1 hour, 44 minutes, and 46 seconds, Basilico showcased her sprint, with Colombian Karen González from the Sistecredito-GW team securing second place, and Russian cyclist Tamara Dronova from Roland claiming third place.

The last lap of the competition was full of emotion as the Roland team maintained dominance; However, the teamwork of the Sistecredito-GW cyclists was crucial for the victory of Valentina Basilico, who had already emerged as the best in the Grand Prix El Salvador. This circuit began in Plaza Salvador del Mundo and ended in Sonsonate.

Reflecting on her victory, Basilico praised her team’s performance and the challenging circuit, highlighting the strategic calls and teamwork that propelled her to success.

The Italian cyclist’s triumph was not without challenges, as the race witnessed various strategic moves and intense competition. Despite initial attempts by Antri Christoforou and Giorgia Vettorello to break away from the peloton, their efforts proved futile in the face of the final sprint. In the end, Basilico’s impeccable speed in the closing metres secured her victory in the circuit, encompassing significant landmarks of San Salvador.

Looking ahead, the third stage of the Vuelta Ciclista El Salvador promises further excitement, with cyclists set to embark on a challenging route spanning from Fuerza Aérea (Ilopango) to San Luis Talpa, passing through San Vicente and Zacatecoluca, covering a total distance of 100.5 kilometres.

2024 Vuelta a El Salvador 2024 Stage 2 result

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