Wilier Triestina to join Groupama – FDJ as bike and technical sponsor

Wilier Triestina has entered into a multi-year technical sponsorship agreement with the French Groupama – FDJ Cycling Team, starting from 1 January 2024. Andrea Gastaldello, Executive Chairman of Wilier Triestina, expressed excitement about this new partnership, marking a significant expansion of their World Tour commitments, which includes a relationship with Astana Qazaqstan since 2020.

Gastaldello acknowledged the technical, logistical, and financial demands of this dual World Tour sponsorship. He emphasised the company’s growth and readiness to meet these challenges. The primary motivation behind this investment, he noted, is to enhance their technical expertise through full immersion at the highest levels of cycling. This aligns with Wilier Triestina’s decision in 2020 to raise the bar in the racing field, working with top-level professionals to continually elevate their standards.

The partnership was particularly appealing due to Groupama – FDJ Cycling Team’s blend of promising young talents and established cyclists, reflecting Wilier Triestina’s vision of nurturing young talents to reach top levels. Gastaldello also praised the team’s organisational structure and staff, including their in-house R&D department, likening it to that of major technology companies, and highlighted the excellent rapport with Marc Madiot from the start.

Marc Madiot, General Manager of Groupama – FDJ Cycling Team, expressed his delight and honour in welcoming Wilier Triestina as an official partner. He lauded the Italian company’s historical significance in cycling, their enthusiastic and skilled technical team, and the shared commitment to achieving the highest performance. Madiot looked forward to a collaborative effort to advance in the sport and was excited about showcasing the new machines from the start of the 2024 season.

The team athletes will ride the Filante SLR with a special livery and the Turbine SLR for time trials. The reveal of the new liveries for the Groupama – FDJ Cycling Team is eagerly awaited, with the new season commencing on the 1st of January.

Groupama – FDJ Cycling Team has a rich history, originating in 1997 with the founding of Équipe cycliste Française des Jeux by Marc and Yvon Madiot. The team’s evolution continued in 2018 with Groupama joining as a title sponsor, boosting resources and ambitions while maintaining strong family values and spirit. Over 26 years, the team has achieved over 500 victories, including 14 French national champion jerseys, three Monuments of cycling, and 38 Grand Tour stages.

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