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Women’s Cycling Grand Prix – new women’s cycling race in Stuttgart and the region

Brezel Race Women's Cycling Grand Prix Lisa Brennauer

On July 16 2023, there will be the premiere of the Women’s Cycling Grand Prix Stuttgart & Region. The approximately 125-kilometre course leads through the districts of Ludwigsburg and Böblingen and does not skimp on challenges. Three finish laps are planned in Stuttgart. The sports director of the race will be Lisa Brennauer, who has just ended her active career.

 “It’s incredibly exciting to switch to the other side and get to know cycling from a different perspective. I am happy to contribute my experience to the Women’s Cycling Grand Prix and thus promote women’s cycling because the new race can be an important step for the future of our sport.”

Lisa Brennauer, race director

“The Women’s Cycling Grand Prix will be a beacon in the 2023 sports calendar of Stuttgart and the SportRegion. With the new race, we are supporting women’s cycling in a targeted manner and are offering a stage that is unique in Germany. We are continuing the combination of attractive mass and high-class top-class sport in order to get many cycling enthusiasts moving themselves again.”

Daniela Klein, Head of the Office for Sport and Exercise in the state capital of Stuttgart and board member of the SportRegion Stuttgart

In addition to the Grand Prix, there will also be a popular sports event on July 16 with the “Brezel Race”. This will be an amateur sportive event run alongside the race completed by the elite riders.

“The successful events of recent years in the Stuttgart region have shown the great appeal of cycling. I am particularly pleased that we will be focusing on women’s sport next summer and that we can again be a good host for many international riders as well as thousands of amateur athletes. The sports-loving audience will once again have a fantastic, exciting experience with a combination of top-class and popular sports.”

Thomas S. Bopp, Chairman of the Stuttgart Region Association