Stage one of LOTTO Thüringen Ladies Tour for CANYON//SRAM Generation was a tough day!

Only one or two riders could make a breakaway in the first hour of racing. With around 45km remaining the peloton split into several groups as the short, steep climbs came in succession. The team’s best-placed rider across the finish line was Ricarda Bauernfeind in 21st place. The stage was won by Alexandra Manly (BEX), who took the first leader jersey of the tour.

Agua Marina sums up the race below:

“It was very tough! In the first part of the stage, we raced well. We were around each other and we were doing good. About halfway through the stage, it started to string out in a long descent and then with some winds the peloton split up into small groups.”

“At that moment, I was in a smaller group and I just knew I needed to give everything to get to the group that I could see ahead of me. I chased hard and made it back, only to go around the corner and straight into a long steep climb. I couldn’t recover and when I was dropped from the group I did my best to find a way to the finish line.”

“It was good that we had Ricarda in the group ahead and able to save us. The positive is that now, Llori, Valentine, and myself are so far down on GC that it gives us a good chance to go into a breakaway. Overall disappointed about today but we are motivated to fight hard and tomorrow is a new day,” said Agua Marina.


LOTTO Thüringen Ladies Tour can be followed on Twitter with #LTLT22. Each stage is broadcast live on GCN and Eurosport Player with details below.

Stage 2 | Wednesday 25 May | 99.6km | Gera – Gera | Race start 13:00CEST | Broadcast 14:00CEST.

Stage 3 | Thursday 26 May | 129.2km | Dörtendorf – Dörtendorf | Race start 11:15CEST | Broadcast 13:00CEST.

Stage 4 | Friday 27 May | 125km | Schleiz –  Schleiz | Race start 12:15CEST | Broadcast 14:00CEST.

Stage 5 | Saturday 28 May | 133.1km | Gotha – Gotah | Race start 12:10CEST | Broadcast 14:00CEST.

Stage 6 | Sunday 29 May | 104.3km | Altenburg – Altenburg | Race start 13:15CEST | Broadcast 14:00CEST.