Aline Seitz triple Swiss Track Champion

Aline Seitz triple Swiss Track Champion

The Swiss track championship, which brought together the best Swiss riders, was held at the World Cycling Center located in the Aigle area.

On October 29, Aline Seitz won the points test by accumulating 47 points, followed by Fabienne Buri with a total of 36 points, and Cybéle Schneider came in third place with 17 points.

On the same day, Aline Seitz and Janice Stettler secured the Madison test by totaling 29 points, two more than the second pair made up of Ryf Corina and Lea Fuchs. Third place went to Cybéle Schneider and Anaëlle Gaillard.

And to complete her triple crown, Aline Seitz won the Omnium event, accumulating the best records in three of the four events that make up the exhausting race.

In this way, Eline Seitz, the young promise of Swiss cycling, has shown her high level of competition. Congratulations!