Appointment in Unquera on Sunday for Las Escuelas


This Sunday from 10 in the morning the Meeting of Schools organised by the Club Ciclista Occidental will be held in Unquera.

In the previous race last weekend in Los Corrales de Buelna, in 2nd-year beginners Mara Ruiz was second in a great race. The rest of the teammates will seek to climb positions and continue having fun in each test.

The Circuit will have a lap of one kilometre and depending on the category they must give a different number of laps. The smallest, the Promises, will complete 1 lap. The first-year Beginners will do two laps while the 2nd-years will do 3. For the first-year Alevines the number of laps to complete will be 7 and for the 2nd-years a total of 10. The Infantiles will give a total of 16 laps if they are for the first year, while for the second year the route will become demanding as they have to complete a total of 22 laps.

After the appointments in Sarón and Los Corrales de Buelna, our young cyclists will take advantage of the race to continue fine-tuning their form for the following tests in Noja and Viveda.