Caroline Andersson: “Decided to put all my focus on cycling”


With Caroline Andersson, Team Hitec Products for the first time since 2014 has a Swedish rider in its team. In the past Emma Johansson and Emilia Fahlin were the two most successful riders for the team, who came from the Scandinavian neighbouring country of Norway. Caroline hopes to do the same. “In ten years from now I would like to be known as one of the best female riders for the classics”, she shows her ambition.

After interviews with Norwegian talents Martine Gjøs and Anne Dorthe Ysland, we now wanted to know a bit more about Caroline. And that’s exactly what we asked her; ‘can you tell a bit more about yourself?’ “I am a 19 year old girl from Sweden, who grew up in a cycling family, where both my parents and brother also have been racing”, Caroline tells. “I started cycling myself when I was seven years old and I’ve loved it ever since. Last year I graduated from school and decided to put all my focus on cycling.”

Living and racing in Italy

Different to the other young riders in the team, Caroline already got quite some international experiences. For a few years already, she lives in Italy. “I got in contact with an Italian team when I was 15, got invited to race together with them and I simply loved the culture and style of racing in Italy. The big pelotons, tough climbs and the fast sprints. Between that it is a relaxed lifestyle and I gained a lot of friends. I simply fell in love with the country and culture.”

However, in the end Caroline still is as Scandinavian cyclist and she is proud of what both Sweden and the other countries have accomplished. “The Nordic countries have generally been very successful in female sports and when it comes to cycling there is no difference”, she says. “All three countries have raised great female riders and I am sure there are more stars to come from next year’s Team Hitec Products.”

Best start you can have

From next season on. Caroline also hopes to develop herself to be rider who can put her mark on international cycling. That’s why she joined Team Hitec Products. “I know it will be great for my development as a cyclist. I’ve seen a lot of big riders growing up in this team like Emma Johansson, Emilia Fahlin and Elisa Longo Borghini and they’ve really reached the top. It is easy to see that the professional management and relaxed atmosphere helps young talents to grow strong and successful. This is the best start you can have before you should take up the challenge with the top riders in the world.”