Diana Klimova wins Russian Road Championship


Cyclist Diana Klimova from our team Cogeas Mettler Look scored a time of 3:29:25. She has been awarded the Russian road cycling championship. Natalia Studenikina was second and Seda Krylova was in third place. At the end of the 120-kilometer race, the Cogeas Mettler Look runner managed to launch an attack and enter the finish line alone to get the Russian national road champion sweater.

Russian National Road Race Results

  • 1 Klimova Diana: 3:29:25
  • 2 Studenikina Natalia: 0:30
  • 3 Krylova Seda: 0:46.

María Novolodskaya from the Cogeas Mettler Look team was placed second in the Russian national individual time trial championship. The winner of the day was Yelyzaveta Oshurkova who set a record of 36:48. Ten seconds apart Maria Novolodskaya entered and twenty-two seconds apart came Tamara Dronova, second and third respectively.

The time trial was held over a 27-kilometer route, with the city of Sarama as the starting and finishing goal.

Russian National Time Trial Results

  • 1 Yelyzaveta Oshurkova: 36:48
  • 2 Mariia Novolodskaia: 0:10
  • 3 Tamara Dronova-Balabolina: 0:22

We congratulate our new champions and wish all the participants luck in their next challenges.