Elise 6th in the final stage


Elise Chabbey put in another top performance, finishing sixth on the final day of Ladies Tour of Norway. An early two-rider breakaway gathered more than seven minute advantage before being caught just prior to the peloton entering the final three-lap circuit in Halden.

A frantically paced five-kilometre local lap saw both Hannah Barnes and Elise racing aggressively with well-timed attacks. The team was down one rider when Alexis Ryan was forced to abandon the race after a crash. In the final sprint to the line it was Elise who finished the best-placed rider. Sixth in the final stage and eleventh on the general classification for the former Swiss national road champion.

“We started the tour really well with Alice finishing on the podium and I think we rode everyday strongly as a team. The communication was really good in the group and from the car so that also gives a lot of motivation coming to each final. I’m a bit frustrated we didn’t have a big result in the form of a stage win, even if we were really close to it on three days,” explained Elise.

“I’m really happy with my shape and I would have liked to give even more of myself to get a result for the team. The good point for me is that I showed that I can be strong on different kinds of courses. I can climb quite well and also have a sprint at the end of a hard stage, so that gives me motivation for the future. I’m leaving the tour really hungry for a big result.”

Read below for the reaction of each of Elise’s teammates after the four-day tour.

Mikayla Harvey

 “I really enjoyed my time at Ladies Tour of Norway. Personally, I am happy with my overall performance during the tour. I gave my all during the stages and was able to learn a lot about the dynamics involved excecuting lead out trains! We had a really nice vibe within the team, and everyone was motivated towards achieving stage results. I am coming away from this tour motivated and excited that things are starting to progress in the right direction. So, I am looking forward to the rest of the season!”

Alice Barnes

“I didn’t feel like I had the best form coming into the race and had some struggles along the way. I was happy that I was able to get a podium for the team after good commitment on the first stage when as a team we were held up by an unfortunate crash in the final. I think my body now needs a few days recovery and I’ll aim to take better form into my next race at Simac Ladies tour.”

Hannah Barnes

“I enjoyed the tour. I felt at times I struggled a little in the peloton but my confidence soon came back. I am particularly happy with how I rode on stage 3 and my contribution to the team’s performance.”

Alexis Ryan

“I didn’t come into this tour with great form or high expectations, but I surprised myself with how much I was able to help the team. The team captain role gave me motivation to stay focused and give the other girls guidance. Our team performance overall was very good. We set goals and made plans that we stuck to everyday. We can be really proud of that.”

Ella Harris

“I thoroughly enjoyed racing in Norway and getting in four solid days of racing. I felt like I’ve been on a gradual upward projection with each race I’ve done this year, and I really noticed a difference in my form from Belgium a few weeks ago to now. My resistance to fatigue and ability to accelerate has been a lot better, and I’m really pleased with the performance level that I’m beginning to reach. It was actually my first Women’s World Tour race of the year so it’s been nice to get back into that environment again, and also race on hillier terrain compared to the Belgium tours. It gives me a lot of motivation for the rest of the season – to use the extra confidence I’ve gathered here and continue to improve further in the coming races.”