Hopeful start Team Jumbo-Visma in Giro d’Italia Donne


Vos started on behalf of Team Jumbo-Visma on the flat course in Cagliari. The three-time Giro winner stopped the clock at 5.59 and finished just outside the top ten. Riejanne Markus started her race right after Vos and did a slightly better job. She finished in a time of 5.56, resulting in eighth place. Koster rode a good prologue with 5.57 and reached the top ten, just like Markus.

“I think we can definitely be satisfied with today’s performance”, race coach Lieselot Decroix said. “Our goal was to have the best possible prologue and squeeze everything out of it. Of course you always hope for a podium, but in the end, this was the best we could do. Satisfaction prevails.”

According to Decroix, having Vos and Markus start as early as possible was a conscious decision. “The forecasts indicated that the wind would pick up during the afternoon. To anticipation this, we decided to have Marianne and Riejanne start earlier. That was a good decision because you could see the wind getting much stronger at the end of the day.”