Ladies Tour of Norway and Team Hitec Products strengthen each other


The Ladies Tour of Norway and Team Hitec Products start a collaboration to strengthen each other towards the future. Riders of the only Scandinavian UCI women’s team will be ambassadors for the World Tour race and on the new team car promotion for the race will be visible. Earlier Jensen & Scheele Bil were announced as a new partner for that car. They are also partners of the race. In 2021 the Ladies Tour of Norway is scheduled from the 12th of August until the 15th of August.

“Since the Ladies Tour of Norway started in 2014, they have always proven that they have a strong organization”, Team Hitec Products team manager Karl Lima says. “Teams and riders talk about the race during the season and really like to come over to our beautiful country. We, as a Norwegian team, of course have always been on the start list. To start a collaboration now, to promote the race at other races and in other countries, feels only logical.”

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