Lucie Jounier, most combative rider on the 4th stage of the Tour de l’Ardèche

Arrived at Mont-Lozère, this fourth stage of the Tour International Féminin de l’Ardèche allowed Lucie Jounier to put on the more combative jersey, after she had completed a break of more than one hundred kilometres.

On the line

Lucie Jounier

I had already obtained a distinctive jersey for the Lotto Belgium Cup, but this is the very first in my career that I have worn in a stage event. I was named the most combative runner of this fourth stage of the Tour International Féminin de l’Ardèche . I went on a breakaway at the 10 th kilometre, approximately, with another competitor, then other girls were added to our group, and I was leading the race until the 106th kilometre, then taken from that moment by the peloton during the ascent of a classification of best climber. It was a nice little trip. The objective of the day was not to miss the breakaway, behind Sandra and Pauline had to do their best to be well placed on the occasion of the climbers. We had a great day, it’s cool. Sandra finished 18th at the summit of Mont Lozère and this evening at the same place in the general classification. Amandine also did a good stage, a nice climb up Mont Lozère. I helped her for a while as best I could. I’m happy for her as she is now 4th in the ranking of the best young Tour Féminin International Ardèche. It was a really good day for us”.