Lucie Jounier: “Promoting Women’s Cycling”


The past year, Lucia took the 12 th place in the Grand Samyn. A great discovery for her.

”  A race that I really liked  “

“  I really liked the Grand Prix Samyn in 2020, a typically Belgian competition, with cobbled sections. There, in addition, they were wet. It required more concentration in terms of piloting. How to approach them? I don’t have to be tense on the handlebars, and make sure to let go of his bike. It is important not to be abrupt, it’s a bit like riding in the sand, you have to let the bike do it, and just guide it with small touches  ”.

”  A great Arkéa Pro  Cycling Team at the start  “

“I would like to achieve a performance equal to that of last year. We are going to field a great team at the start of this competition. The first test was the Het Nieuwsblad, then we will continue with this test  ”.

”  Promoting women’s cycling  “

“The organisers have set up a nice price list for women. It’s motivating, and cool. We feel that the latter are investing more in women’s cycling, and it is also interesting to see that some of them want to promote us even more, through their organisations, their endowments ”.


Franck Renimel: “  We know the Grand Prix Samyn from having already competed in it last year, the objective will be to run ahead in this event, the final of which offers cobbled sections. We are going to this competition in order to try to get a good result, even though the competition we know will be tough. We want to show that the group as a whole has made progress compared to last season , and that the riders of the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team are already in good condition at the start of the season  ”.


Cédrine Kerbaol: “  I don’t really know the Grand Prix Samyn. However, I started to study last year’s edition, through videos that I was able to watch. So I know that this classic borrows cobblestone sectors on its finale. It will be new to me. I can’t wait to compete in my first race with the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team jersey. Strictly speaking, I have no apprehensions because I did a good physical preparation before the competitions. The area that still calls for me to learn is tactics, but it is by running that you learn. This first experience on such a classic in Belgium should allow me to store up quite a few ”.

The prizes distributed on this event will be higher for women than for men, and the winner of this event will also win a car!

The number

Cédrine Kerbaol will be competing in her very first 2021 race under the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team jersey for this Women’s Samyn Grand Prix.

The composition of the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team for the Grand Prix Samyn, March 2, 2021

Lucie Jounier, Typhaine Laurance, Marie-Morgane Le Deunff, Léa Curinier, Gréta Richioud, Gladys Verhulst, Cédrine Kerbaol

Sporting director  : Franck Renimel