Mari Mohr: “Looking forward to meet the team”


In her second year an U23 rider, Mari Mohr joins Team Hitec Products in the 2021 cycling season. The 19 years old Norwegian rider will be one of the younger riders in a young team. She is however eager to learn and with her background in off-road cycling, she brings skills with her that will also help her in the peloton. “The explosiveness, quickness and the confidence I have in my technical skills will for sure help me if it comes to road racing.”

At this moment, Mari is training in Norway. And where some of the riders have to deal with ice and snow, it isn’t that bad for her. “Usually the weather in Stavanger is not that cold”, she tells. “We can ride outside on our road bikes almost the whole year. However, I do enjoy riding endurance rides and high intensity workouts inside on the turbo.”

It’s about a month before the team will get together in Belgium, with a training camp before the first races. “To meet the team and to start the season with them, is the thing I am looking forward to the most at this moment. I can’t wait for the training camp in Belgium in February to start, where I will be meeting my teammates and I will also get to race my first race with the team.”

For some of the teammates, it for sure won’t be the first time that Mari meets them. At the picture before, that was made in 2012, you see Mari in the back. On the right of her Amalie Lutro and next to her Martine Gjøs, who both also race for Team Hitec Products. “I’m looking forward to again compete with them as teammates. I hope that it will make the transition to the team easier, because I like to have someone experienced girls next to me.”

Learn and develop

Mari hopes to grow as a rider in the 2021 cycling season. “Riding for Team Hitec Products, I will have a much more challenging race program that will further develop me as a rider”, she says about that. “Joining the team also means that I have many experienced riders and staff that I can learn a lot from.” Maybe that would also mean that she can compete in a race she really likes. “In the future I would love to race Gent-Wevelgem, because it’s an awesome race and in a couple of years I think I could do well in it.”

Contribute to the team

But first things first; the 2021 cycling season. “I would be happy at the end of the season if I have the feeling that I have contributed to the team to my fullest potential. My goal for the coming season is to gain as much experience as I can, ride a lot of hard races and contribute as much as I can to the team, so that the team can achieve good results.”

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Mari as a cyclocross rider in 2018.